Hydrofracking coming to New York State — Take Action Now!

Earlier this month, July 2011, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation proposed regulations to permit hydrofracking and horizontal drilling on our state. Despite the industry’s claims that the process is safe for public health and the environment, the proposed DEC regulations are astounding in that they ban hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in the New York City and Syracuse watersheds, admitting that the industrial technique is too dangerous for the drinking water. Beyond New York City and Syracuse’s watersheds, the rest of New York State is now open and vulnerable to the impacts of hydrofracking.

We are asking you to please contact Governor Cuomo and DEC Commissioner Joseph Martens requesting that the proposed regulations consider the cumulative impact of thousands of proposed wells, pipelines and compressor stations on water, air and community infrastructure, and to consider the impacts of fracking chemicals, hazardous air emissions and drilling waste for the entire state of New York. The New York State Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter has created an online petition and letter to Cuomo and Martens you can sign right now.

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