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National Fuel has applied AGAIN! to FERC, requesting 3 more years, until December 2024, to start and complete the Northern Access 2016 Pipeline Project. It appears they have not even notified those most impacted, the landowners, along the 97 mile route of the pipeline of this request and comment period.


Documents:  National Fuel Request for Time Extension

FERC Notice of Request for Time Extension and Comment Period

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation said NO to NAPL, yet National Fuel Gas Co. refuses to take NO for an answer.

Sit Stand Sing Group
Despite NYSDEC’s denial of the Northern Access Pipeline Project, National Fuel continues attempts to move ahead. As they PERSISTNoNAPL Coalition will RESIST from the fracking fields in PA and northward through Western NY. We teamed up with Sane Energy and as part of their statewide Sit-Stand-Sing, the many roles of non-violent direct action tour. We had an amazing day of training and community building, now let’s come together to plan next actions!

Update August 2020:
On June 25th, 2020, New York Court of Appeals decided in favor of National Fuel in Theresa Schueckler’s eminent domain case. This was sad news for Theresa who along with her deceased husband Joe, fought a long hard battle to protect the water and land that they spent over 50 years caring for and lovingly planting 1000’s of trees. These fights are SO stacked against landowners. The U.S. Supreme Court would be the next step. If anyone knows of the resources and/or a lawyer to take that route, let us know. We owe much gratitude to Theresa and Joe for standing up to National Fuel through years of threat to their home.
Additional bad news came for the Town of Pendleton that has been battling for years to keep National Fuel’s 22,214 HP compressor station out of their community. On July 14, 2020, U.S. District Court of WNY decided against the Town’s ability to block the compressor through zoning laws that were never intended to allow a toxic spewing compressor station.
All this means that National Fuel is continuing to clear the way should they choose to begin construction despite low gas prices and no need for the gas. This could happen despite the fact that NYSDEC’s defense of denial of the 401 Water Quality Certification is continuing its way through the court system.


UPDATE: NYSDEC did the right thing on April 7th 2017, when they denied the 401 Water Certification for the project. Now the sad news is, that in August 2018 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) overturned NYSDEC’s decision by falsely claiming that NYSDEC did not act in time with their denial. NYSDEC and the Sierra Club are fighting this FERC ruling…here we go again! In the meantime, National Fuel stands ready to plow ahead with this project ignoring NYSDEC’s carefully researched and considered environmental concerns especially regarding the 192 stream crossings. National Fuel is also now moving ahead against the will of the people who do not want to give up rights to their land by pursuing eminent domain cases against landowners. One couple who won their case on appeal, is now being challenged and taken to court by National Fuel for the THIRD time. National Fuel has also recently filed with FERC, requesting a three year extension on the project with a projected completion date in 2022.

Update February 2019:

  1. The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has vacated the NYSDEC’s Denial of the 401 Water Certification. The COURT RULING is saying that NYSDEC did not do a sufficient job in providing evidence to support their decision to deny the permit and keeps open the opportunity to come back to court with more evidence. TJ Pignataro does a good job of explaining the situation in this Buffalo News article.
  2. FERC granted National Fuel a three year extension on NAPL Significant in this ruling is the project timing: “Applicants now anticipate that they will have the federal authorizations necessary to file an initial notice to proceed in mid-2019. A three-year extension of time is necessary because Applicants do not anticipate commencement of Project construction until early 2021 due to New York’s continued legal actions and to time lines required for procurement of necessary pipe and compressor facility materials.”

So…we need YOU to stand with us as we continue this fight!

Find documents and more detailed information about Northern Access Here

Thank you all for Joining us to Rally at National Fuel Headquarters on a cold winter day, January 12, 2019!

We gathered to let National Fuel know that we have not gone away, we are in fact stronger than ever and now stretching from Niagara County to those impacted by fracking in PA. Thanks to Defend Ohi:yo’ for organizing!

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NY State Department of Environmental Conservation DENIED the necessary 401 Air and Water Certification on APRIL 7TH.

Pipeline denied image

Thanks to all who joined our March 27th 2017 Albany Rally! Our Voices were Heard!

NAPL Rally pic

rally-image-jcNational Fuel is proposing to build 97 miles of pipeline to move fracked gas from the drilling fields of PA through our beloved Southern Tier crossing 180 streams, 270 wetlands and 7 ponds along the way. The proposed project includes a strongly opposed  22,214 HP compressor station in Pendleton, a 5,350 HP expansion of the Porterville compressor station, interconnection with Tennessee Gas Pipeline in the Town of Wales and a dehydration station in Wheatfield to prepare the gas for export under the Niagara River and into Canada. The dehydration facility would sit near railroad tracks surrounded by densely populated neighborhoods half a mile from the Niagara River and about a mile from Love Canal that is reported to be leaking again into residents homes.

Photo Credit: Niagara Frontier Publications

Follow the Financing of the Pipeline:  view the Banking on National Fuel Map created by Rob Galbraith of the Public Accountability Initiative. Be sure to advance through the graphics to see the local banks involved in financing the Northern Access.

National Fuel Fracking for Dollars by Rob Galbraith Published in The Public Jan 4, 2017


Protest held in Buffalo against Northern Access Pipeline WIVB 4, Dec. 15, 2018

Landowners beat National Fuel in court to preserve piece of paradise Nov. 26, 2018 T.J. Pignataro, Buffalo News

bn joe

Joseph Schueckler of Cuba overlooks the trees and hills at a 200-acre property he and friends first purchased in 1963 through which National Fuel Gas Corp. seeks an easement by eminent domain to construct its proposed Northern Access Pipeline. (T.J. Pignataro/Buffalo News)

Court reverses National Fuel eminent domain order WGRZ 2, Nov. 26, 2018

Court rules against National Fuel Gas’ Northern Access pipeline, Nov. 27, 2018

Federal ruling reopens door for controversial gas pipeline through WNY, August 7, 2018, by T. J. Pignataro, Buffalo News

Seneca Nation Speaks Out Against Pipeline

A viral video of a National Fuel pipeline leak in Franklinville, NY is incredible but National Fuel’s response is even worse. They knew about the leak for over a year but did nothing about it because it is in a rural area and they have bigger leaks to fix and getting service to new customers is a higher priority. A company that can’t take care of the leaks it has should not be trusted to build a new 97 mile pipeline. Read the Article in the Olean Times Herald.Thank you to the responsible hunter who posted the leak on youtube and got enough attention that National Fuel has reportedly fixed the leak to stop the phone calls – not because they decided to be responsible. (In the video he does incorrectly attribute the Dakota Access to National Fuel – that is Energy Transfer Partners)

Channel 7 WKBW coverage can be seen here:  Gas pipeline repaired after year of leaking

Olean Times Herald: National Fuel Gas says gas leak shown in YouTube video repaired The leak was along a natural gas distribution line through part of Boyce Hill State Forest off Bryant Hill and Phillips roads in the town of Franklinville. “It’s out in the middle of nowhere,” said Merkel (National Fuel’s spokeswoman) of the leaks.

Lia Oprea of WECAP (see Facebook page has been busy getting the word out about the dangers this pipeline would pose to our water supplies.
Making our communities aware is probably the most effective thing we can do.jackson-falls-in-the-town-of-aurora

Visit these Groups on Facebook that are joining in solidarity to say NO Northern Access!

Pendleton Action Team

Wheatfield Action Team


Niagara Sierra Club Niagara Group

Email with any questions

More Information:

For a map of the pipeline go HERE (if enlarged in your browser it will show more detail including roadways).

 More information on the proposed project can be found at National Fuel.

Pipeline Report image

This proposed Northern Access 2016 is part of a new report titled, A Bridge Too Far: How Appalachian Basin Gas Pipeline Expansion Will Undermine U.S. Climate Goals.  This report documents the climate impacts of the massive proposed overbuild of natural gas pipelines. Reuters has done a story on the report:  New gas pipelines would make U.S. miss climate target .

Highlights of the report include:

  • There are 19 key new proposed natural gas pipelines in the Appalachian basin. All of them are incompatible with the Paris target and existing U.S. climate goals;
  • Stopping this new supply infrastructure is critical to the keep it in the ground movement’s goals of stopping infrastructure that creates carbon lock-in; and
  • All new energy projects must pass a climate test to prove their viability in a climate safe world. These new gas pipelines fail that test.

Check News coverage for our Solidarity Rally & Press Conference Friday 9/30


Photo Credit: Niagara Frontier Publications
WKBW Channel 7
Time Warner Cable News
WIVB Channel 4
Niagara Gazette