Community Solar

Community Solar is a way for renters and homeowners to become solar customers without investing in their own rooftop panels. By signing up you will be subscribing to a local solar array. This is the perfect solution for a variety of situations including those with shaded rooftops and apartment dwellers.

No investment is needed and you will save approximately 10% on your regular monthly electric bill. You will help the environment at the same time by cutting your carbon footprint!

Community Solar is a good deal for you and the environment!


These companies are currently offering shares available in local solar arrays. This is an exciting way to save money on your electric bills and invest in the renewable energy future we need. Find our more with the company links below:

Ampion Logo-Community Energy_red (1).jpgAmpion’s local Community Solar array is in Ransomville, Niagara County, NY  Ampion Info and Sign-Up


SolarPark Energy has a local array on Grand Island, NY. SolarPark Info and Sign-Up

Omni Renewables is a Community Solar provider based in Syracuse. They have a number of local projects that are open for subscription. See  Omni Renewables Info and Sign-Up  Omni’s interactive map shows local projects.

Also Check out these Local companies for your Solar needs:

Solar Liberty

T. M. Montante

CIR Electric Construction Corp.

Frey Electric Construction Company

Solar Energy in New York

Solar energy is abundant, non-polluting and does not emit greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. Even in the northeastern United States, where sunlight is variable, solar energy helps to warm and light many buildings and can make a significant contribution to meeting demand for electricity and hot water.

Solar technologies can be applied at both large and small scales. Large commercial scale solar power plants feed electricity directly to the utility electric grid. Smaller distributed solar electricity generation by individual homes, institutions or businesses is economically feasible because New York has adopted “net metering,” which allows excess electricity generated on sunny days to flow back into the electric grid, with credit or payment from the utility company for the power generated.

The above content is from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website.

Find Info on incentives:


NY State

Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter’s “Switch to Renewable Energy” brochure