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Trailblazer February 2022 Articles: Large Scale Renewable Review Process by Ellen Banks; Niagara Group Environmental Series by Bob Ciesielski; Meeting NY’s Climate Goals: Building Electrification by Diana Strablow; Time to Update the Bottle Bill by John Szalasny

Trailblazer October 2021 Articles: The Climate Movement is an Ecosystem – Find Your Niche by John Szalasny; Pesticides Have No Place in Breakfast Cereals by John Szalasny; Bios and Ballot for Niagara Group, Executive Committee

Trailblazer April 2021 Articles: Sierra Club Support for Environmental Legislation in NYS by Ellen Cardone Banks; Time to Make Polluters Pay by John Szalasny; Sierra Club Supports Wetland Preservation in NYS by Ellen Cardone Banks; Buffalo’s Future, Electric Buses and Social Justice by Richard Steinberg; Spring Letter to Membership by Sara Schultz

Trailblazer January 2021  Articles: Reflections on SCNG 2020 Accomplishments; NYS Comptroller Divests Fossil Fuel Stocks; Who’s Protecting Us from Nuclear Radiation? Nuclear Waste and Western New York; State of the State Wishlist; Wetlands

Trailblazer October 2020  Articles: Sierra Club 2020 Candidate Endorsements; Sierra Club Niagara Group Executive Committee member Vote/Ballot; NYS Action on Climate Change Should Include Divestment in Fossil Fuel Investments by John Szalasny

Trailblazer July/August 2020   Articles: Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act by John Szalasny; Act NOW to Win in November by Janet Lenichek and Roger Cook; National Fuel Moving Forward AGAIN with Northern Access Pipeline Project by Diana Strablow; Volunteers Needed for Sierra Club Niagara Group by Sara Schultz Niagara Group Chair; So What Do We Do Now? by Lynda Schneekloth

Trailblazer April 2020  Articles: Activism as Practice by Sara Schultz; What’s Next for NY’s Climate Goals? by Ellen Banks; Community Solar by Diana Strablow; Jim Antal Comes to Buffalo and Buffalo Responds! by Sue Tannehill; Are We Ready for a “Homegrown National Park”? by Lynda Schneekloth

TrailBlazer January 2020 Articles:  Governor Cuomo’s 2020 Styrofoam Ban by John Szalasny; Let’s Get Active by Janet Lenichek; Wind Energy & Public Health by Bob Cieseilski; Greenwashing Makes More Mess by Sara Schultz; Gardening, Native Plants and Insects by Lynda Schneekloth

Trailblazer July 2019  Articles:  Coal-fired ElectricPower—On the Way Out in New York State, by Ellen Cardone Banks; Northern Access Pipeline Update, by Diana Strablow; Letter from Sierra Club Niagara Group Chair, Sara Schultz; Habitat Corner -Time for Toads by Nicole Gerber; 2019 Brings New Environmental Legislation in New York State by Ellen Cardone Banks; Fossil Fuel Subsidies: Americans Want Renewable Energy by Robert Ciesielski

Trailblazer April 2019

Trailblazer January 2019

Trailblazer October 2018

Trailblazer July 2018

Trailblazer April 2018 Articles: Helping Sierra Club Help the Environment By Sara Schultz; Defend Ohi:yo’ by Diana Strablow; The Dying Tree Nature’s Legacy by Gillian Martin; Wind Facts by Ellen Banks; What To Do with the West Valley Nuclear Waste facility? by Lynda Schneekloth

Trailblazer January 2018 Articles: Letter from the Chair; Sierra Club Niagara Divests; Political Committee: Work Has Just Begun; Benefits of a Plant Based Diet; Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz Announces “Paris Program”

Trailblazer October 2017  Articles: Endorsed Political Candidates; Sierra Club Niagara Group Elections; What You Can Do to Promote Insect Conservation by Tara Cornelisse, PhD,;  Annual Dinner

Trailblazer July 2017  Articles:  Executive Committee Member Candidacy Nominations Fall Election 2017 by Pamela Hughes; The People’s Climate March; Everyone’s Help is needed to Save the Endangered Species Act; Zero Emission Buses on the Roll by Sara Schultz; End Disposable Bag Pollution in Erie County by Brian Smith

Trailblazer April 2017  Articles: The Niagara River Corridor Globally Significant Important Bird Area by Jay Burney; Grand Island Local Solar Law may be Model for Other Communities By Alice E. Gerard; Teaching Science in an Age of Denial by Mary Jo Graham; Loss of a Legend by Mark Gallo

Trailblazer January 2017 Thank you to our new Trailblazer Editors Nicole and Dave for their fantastic job on their first issue of the newsletter!  Read and enjoy!

Trailblazer October 2016 Articles: Divestment Movement Momentum for WNY Higher Education Institutions By David Reilly; Boreas Pond Adirondack Wilderness Threatened to Change Classification By Larry Beahan; Sierra Niagara Group Elections 2016: Time to Vote!

Trailblazer July 2016 Articles: CLIMATE CRISIS: Increasing Evidence of Global Warming by David Kowalski; Aaron Mair at Upcoming Annual Awards Dinner; The Niagara River Greenway and the Robert Moses Parkway by Larry Beahan; How Labor Unions and Our Climate Justice Campaign have Mutual Interests by Roger Cook

Trailblazer April 2016

Trailblazer January 2016  Articles:  WNY Rise Up for Climate Justice Campaign: Sept.-Dec. 2015 by Lynda Schneekloth; Recycling Corner, Is Recycling the Right Thing to Do? by Ron Missel; Sixth Extinction: A Rapid Disappearance of Wildlife on Our Planet by Aliana Zyhowski; The Transpacific Partnership Transpacific Partnership Trade Agreement Debunked by Diane Ciurczak.

Trailblazer October 2015 Articles: Rise Up for Climate Justice Campaign by Lynda Schneekloth and Roger Cook; Recycling Corner, Those Pesky Plastics by Ron Missel; Elections 2015: Time to Vote.

Trailblazer July 2015 Articles: Annual Report of the Sierra Club Niagara Group 2014-2015; Recycling Corner: Electronics & Small Devices; The Encyclical of Pope Francis

Trailblazer April 2015 Articles: Annual Awards Dinner; CWM Siting Board Meeting; Recycling Corner; Although It’s Cold Here, the Planet is Still Warming; The Solar Home Companion Show Came to Buffalo!; PSC Offers Only Weak Opportunity to Influence Big Change in Power Systems; National Fuel’s Gas Storage Lease in Allegheny State Park; Volunteer Opportunities for SC Niagara Group Members

Trailblazer Jan 2015 Articles: Thanks to Local Unions for Support of People’s Climate March; NY Bans High Volume Gas Drilling; Ex. Committee Election Results; Recycling Corner-Metals; The People are Stirring

Trailblazer October 2014 Articles: Buffalo at the People’s Climate March; We Must Work Together to Reverse Climate Change; Recycling Corner – Used Clothing; Nominees for 2015-2016 Term on Niagara Group Executive Committee and Ballot

Trailblazer July 2014 Articles: Stop Niagara County CWM From Expanding!, Recycling Corner-Ever-changing & Mostly for the Better!, Sierra Club Niagara Group Annual Report, Just Transition Conference, Buffalo State Volunteer Opportunity

Trailblazer April 2014  Articles: Lake Erie: Our Greatest and Most Threatened Legacy; Recycling Corner; Spring Into Nature; The NY Energy Plan and You

Trailblazer January 2014 Articles: Update on West Valley Nuclear Facility, Promise of N.Y.S Nuclear Facility, Scotland is going 100% Green by 2020; Shame on Dirty America, Executive Committee Election Results 2014

Trailblazer October 2013 Articles: 2013 Earth Day at Buffalo Zoo, Solar Presentation Alert, Recycling Corner: Disposing of Household Hazardous Waste, Niagara Group Election Biographies, Nominees for 2014-2015 Term on Niagara Group Executive Committee

Trailblazer July 2013
Articles: Annual Report, Recycling Locally, New Environmental Radio Station, Crossroads Rally, Solar Array Project, Volunteering for the Sierra Club

Trailblazer April 2013 Articles: Niagara Group Sponsors West Valley Panel Presentation, Recycling and Reusing Tips and Tidbits, Climate Ralley, To an Unfracked Future, Announcements

Trailblazer January 2013
Articles: Feed In Tariff (FIT) Progress, Renewable Energy in Niagara County, Hydrofracking, Ash Trees and the Emerable Ash Borer, Active Hope Book Review

Trailblazer July 2012
Articles: Green Jobs, Feed In Tariff (FIT): Local Renewable Energy Legislation, Environmental Education Awards Dinner, Bruce Kershner Award, Blake Reeves Award

Trailblazer April 2012
Articles: The Echoes of Rachel Carson – Our Dilemma; New Trailblazer Editor; Special Thanks to Paul Maine and Liz Kaszubski; Emerald Ash Borer in New York State; Environmental Science Competition; The Sierra Club Tells Natural Gas Company to Pay Up; Upcoming Annual Niagara Group Dinner May 2, 2012

>March HELEN Update on Hydrofracking in New York State
Buffalo Common Council and Niagara Falls pass resolution to ban hydrofracking in New York State!
View Copy of Buffalo Common Council Letter to Governor Cuomo

Trailblazer January 2012
Articles: Public Comment Period on Hydrofracking Extended; Fracking Questions; Niagara Group Emails; Sierra Club Action Alert; Sen. Grisanti to help with Robert Moses Parkway Removal; 2012 Will be Year of Decision Regarding Chemical Waste Management (CWM) Expansion; Large Delegation Attends Dansville DEC Hearing on Fracking.

2011 Issues:

Trailblazer October 2011 Part 1
Articles on: Update from the Chairman on Hydrofracking; Executive Committee Member Ballots; What is Hydrofracking; Sierra Club Email List Questions
Trailblazer October 2011 Part 2
Articles continuing from Part 1, including: Concern about Hydrofracking Not Trivial; New WNY Environmental Group Formed; Vatican Plea

Articles on: Hydrofracking, the Buffalo Waterfront, CMW Expansion Plan (Hazardous Waste Site), Robert Moses Parkway, Executive Committee member Larry Beahan, Niagara Group Elections

Articles on: Fuel Economy; NY’s new DEC Commissioner; WNY Environmental Alliance; Annual Niagara Group Dinner announcement for May 11, 2011; City of Buffalo Bans Hydrofracking; Atlantic Chapter Sets Conservation Priorities; Attorney General Eric Schneiderman takes Environmental Stance

2010 Issues:


2009 Issues: