Niagara Relicensing Environmental Coalition (NREC)


The Niagara Relicensing Environmental Coalition (NREC) is endowed with $500,000 to help administer the millions of dollars negotiated out of the re-licensing of the Niagara Power Project. Sierra Club Niagara Group holds one of the eleven seats on the NREC. Larry Beahan Habitat Chair of the Niagara Group has been holding the fort there for 10 years. He is looking for back-up. He invites the interest, advice, assistance and attendance at Greenway meetings of Niagara Chapter Volunteers.  Contact Larry Beahan:

The Niagara Group hired the Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper to administer the NREC and represent it on the Greenway Ecological Standing Committee and the HERF (Habitat Enhancement and Restoration Fund) Standing Committee each of which has a million dollars a year of Niagara River Greenway monies to allocate. The NREC meets several times a year and members and other Sierrans attend Greenway Commission and Greenway Standing Committee meetings as well as monitor and comment on Greenway Proposals.

Get Involved
Volunteers may get involved by attending these meetings at the Beaver Island Casino and at the Niagara Power Vista at Niagara University and by following the Greenway activities on its website. The Greenway Commission website with its constant stream of proposals for spending settlement money is the way into this issue: Greenway Commission website

Contact Greenway Commission Executive Director Rob Belue and ask to be placed on the mailing list:
Niagara River Greenway Commission
Beaver Island State Park
2136 West Oakfield Road
Grand Island, New York 14072
Phone 716.773.5361