Showing of Comfort Zone, A Film About Climate Change and Western New York.


On October 29, 2013, the anniversary of Super Storm Sandy, Sierra Club Niagara Group hosted a screening of “Comfort Zone” and had a discussion of what we can do in the face of climate change.  We joined people all across the country to remember Super Storm Sandy and all the impacts of climate change we had seen that year.

In the year since Super Storm Sandy made landfall and ravaged the East Coast, communities across the nation have suffered extreme droughts, storms, wildfires, and “biblical” flooding.  As Robert Ciesielski, Chair of the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter’s Energy Committee says, “Too many Americans are already fighting to survive in what scientists say is just the beginning of climate change.  Our burning of fossil fuels has brought us into a new raeality.”

Stories from communities impacted by extreme weather have shown our remarkable resilience.  Staten Island, Cedar Rapids, New Orleans, Boulder are rebuilding with compassion and strength that shows the best of the human spirit.

On October 29th we came together to remember those who have suffered and those who continue to survive the impacts of carbon pollution. Lynda Schneekloth, Chair of the Sierra Club Niagara Group, reminded us that “We must commit ourselves to responsibility for our shared future and for the world we leave our children’s children. We must keep it safe, healthy and prosperous… for them.”

The film made it clear that climate is already changing. And it asked us:  “Now, what about us?  What can we do to prepare ourselves and our communities?  What do we, as individuals here, have at stake?  What can we do about it?”

If you would like some suggestions of what we can do right now to halt the use of dirty fossil fuels and move to renewable energy, please go to Climate Change > What Can I Do About Climate Change, or click here.

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