Global Frackdown: Frack of the Dead


On Saturday  October 20th, approximately 90 Buffalo residents rallied at “Frack of the Dead” alongside 20 other cities and towns across the state as part of the second annual Global Frackdown, a series of over 200 actions taking place around the world in an international day of action to ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

Vicky Southall, Ex Com member, spoke to the group about the dangers of fracking and also about the courage of Livingston officials for revealing plans by the gas industry to bring frack water to Livingston County. (Livingston County News 9/13/13 –


The Global Frackdown comes on the heels of a new national poll from the Pew Research Center showing increased opposition to fracking. “Frack of the Dead” was a zombie-themed rally of Buffalo area residents “rising from the dead” to demand that Governor Cuomo invest in renewable energy instead of “dead” fossil fuels of the past such as natural gas.

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