Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter Energy Committee publishes white paper on Renewable Energy and Green Jobs Policy

This month, Buffalo Clean Energy published a white paper on Renewable Energy and Green Jobs Policy for the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter Energy Committee: “CLEAN-FIT programs: Clean Local Energy Accessible Now – Feed in Tariff”.

An excerpt from the Executive Summary:

“Clean Local Energy Accessible Now – Feed-In Tariff (CLEAN-FIT) programs are an efficient method of maximizing both job creation and rapid renewable energy deployment.

CLEAN-FIT programs provide a guarantee that a wide variety of renewable energy projects are able to feed in to the energy grid on equitable terms at a long-term price that reflects the cost of producing the energy plus a reasonable rate of return.

CLEAN-FIT programs have been used in more than 80 jurisdictions around the world and have been very effective in creating jobs manufacturing, developing and installing renewable energy technology. Examples include Germany, which has created 367,400 clean energy jobs for a population that is less than 28% of the USA’s, and Ontario, Canada, which has created 20,000 jobs under a recently established CLEAN-FIT program.

CLEAN-FIT programs provide a stable investment climate that makes financing projects less complicated, less expensive, more attractive, and more available to individuals, small businesses and communities. For those reasons, CLEAN-FIT programs have a strong track record at creating demand for renewable energy projects and speeding the transition to renewable energy and away from polluting sources of energy.”

Read the paper on the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter website:

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