The Niagara Group Needs Your Vote! Renewable Energy Video in the Running for GrowWNY Contest for $10,000

A video submission by Larry Snider on behalf of the Niagara Group has been accepted into the “GrowWNY” video contest. The video is called “Renewable Energy in Action” and features the local Sheldon Wind Farm in Sheldon, NY. The video provides an education on wind farms and demonstrates the potential of alternative energy.

The non-profit organization that receives the most public votes wins the “GrowWNY” contest – which provides a cash prize of $10,000! Second place is $5,000. The winner is completely determined based on the public voting and voting begins today and goes through June 26th. You can vote once a day on a video and you have a total of two votes. The event is community sponsored and great way for people to get involved with the Growing Green theme.

Here is the link to the Facebook page of contest:!/GrowWNY?sk=app_95936962634

If we Sierran’s work together locally, state-wide and even nationally we may have a chance at this. Thank you for your support! – Larry V. Snider and the Niagara Group

You must have a facebook page to vote and all you need to do once your on the above page is put in your facebook email address and password to enter and vote.

If you do not have a facebook page, then you need to go to

At facebook, you need to enter a valid email address, full name and birth date. This is the minimum requirements to create a facebook page and the process should take no more than a few minutes. For those new to facebook, you should not really worry about privacy concerns unless you start to accepting friends. But a facebook page allows you to vote.

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