Renewable Energy

The development of renewable energy sources in New York State is essential to:

1. Reduce our dependence on destructive extraction and burning of fossil fuels and nuclear energy
2. Create tens of thousands of jobs
3. Increase investments in sustainable economic development
4. Help control global climate change
5. Leave a livable planet for our children and grandchildren

Right across the Niagara River and Lake Ontario, the Province of Ontario adopted a green energy and jobs act which requires utilities to purchase a percentage of energy from renewable sources (solar, wind) at a guaranteed rate. This has permitted large scale investments in renewable energy, as bankers and investment firms are guaranteed a return over a set period of time. The YouTube video “Renewable Energy Development in New York State” is the May, 2010 presentation of the former Chair of Ontario’s Department of Energy George Smitherman to the New York State Senate on the Canadian legislation, and how New York State could benefit from a similar law.

Our Executive Committee member, Larry Beahan, has written “Let’s Put Our Money into Clean Energy”. A global explosion of renewable energy, which the corporate media in the United States does not speak of, is outlined in “Energy Revolutions”.

Since Germany’s adoption of a feed-in-tariff some 10 years ago, some 15-20% of their energy is coming from renewables. Vermont and Gainesville, Florida have also adopted a feed-in-tariff laws. To look at the effects of Ontario’s new energy law, read “Ontario Feed-In-Tariff Create Solar Jobs at a Cost of a Doughnut per Month” where 72,000 jobs are predicted in the solar industry by 2015.

Read More on the Issue:
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January 18, 2011: “American states can learn much from Ontario’s ‘buy local’ clean energy strategy”
November 23, 2011: “Ontario feed-in tariffs creating solar jobs at the cost of a donut per month”

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